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Our Philosophy on Financial Planning

Our most important policy is that no client will invest in anything that we do not own personally. Our investment and retirement income philosophy is grounded on two fundamental principles – diversification and consistency.

Diversification is one of the keys to investment and retirement success over time. The old adage of don’t put all your eggs in one basket certainly applies to your investments and your retirement income. We believe proper diversification includes a broad allocation to all asset classes with a particular emphasis on large blue chip dividend paying companies. These are the companies that make the goods, products and services that you and the rest of the world need every day. While this never makes your investments immune from decline, we believe that tomorrow the world will wake up, brush their teeth, get dressed, get a cup of coffee, shower with soap and shampoo, get gas in their cars and go about their normal routines consuming products made by companies.

Second, as with anything in life, consistency plays a substantial role in success over time. Consistency is particularly important when it comes to one’s retirement income and investments because (depending on this morning’s headlines) emotions can often play a role in one’s financial decisions. These emotions usually take the form of either greed or fear. Greed makes you want to invest in the thing that everybody is talking about and fear causes you to react after the fact. It is these emotions that can often undermine your long-term investment results. This is not to say that reallocation is never warranted – quite the contrary. However, such actions should be done in a careful and systematic manner and not in reaction to current events.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Integrated retirement planning, tax mitigation, legacy planning and wealth management with a focus on timely and proactive client communication.
  • Family owned and operated since 1984 with a tradition of producing superior investment results at a cost typically 25% less than other firms.
  • Central Florida’s fastest growing and most honored financial planning firm with the area’s longest running radio show.