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Investment Planning in Orlando

The Best Investment Options for Your Needs

There are so many different types of investments – small cap stocks, short term bonds, mutual funds, value stocks, real estate investment, and commodities to name just a few of the broader categories. These investments each have different historical rates of returns and investment potential. For example, there are over 63,000 publicly traded stocks and over 72,000 different mutual funds. The wealth management process of selecting investments is an intricate one and should be handled by an investment planner who gives sound financial advice and follows a fiduciary standard.

To ensure that we are matching you with the best investment plan, we look at your:

  • Investment Goals
  • Objectives
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Time Horizon

Our financial advisors then compare the available options and recommend the options that fit your specific investment management needs. Too often in today’s world, clients are told exactly what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. To have a successful retirement income solution, your investment management must match your retirement needs for the rest of your life.

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

The next step is to ensure that any investment is properly diversified. In our view, a mutual fund typically presents the best, most cost-effective option for diversification for the individual investor investment strategy. A mutual fund is typically made from around 100 to 200 different stocks, bonds, or both.

Our certified financial advisors utilize actively managed funds whereby the underlying holdings change on a daily basis in reaction to the economic conditions and fundamental research of the particular professional money manager. Our typical client owns a variety of funds, each with different objectives.

If We Don’t Own It, We Won’t Recommend It

At Nelson Financial Planning, each financial planner will only recommend funds that we own personally unlike some other investment firms. We select professional money managers that have been managing money for an excess of 50 years – a track record that most simply cannot match. Because we are a family owned firm, we have the complete independence to select money managers based purely on their performance. In addition, we typically use “flagship” funds at a particular money manager in order to have the longest possible performance record and lowest underlying expenses. These flagship funds typically have a minimum of 20 years of performance with some having at least 70 years of performance.

When it comes to achieving your retirement income or retirement planning goals, the performance of your investments matters most and is always our utmost focus. To learn more about the investments our financial advisors recommend and how we use those to meet your income, objectives, and needs, please contact our Orlando investment financial planning at (407) 629-6477 today to schedule a free conversation with an investment advisor.


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Integrated retirement planning, tax mitigation, legacy planning and wealth management with a focus on timely and proactive client communication.
  • Family owned and operated since 1984 with a tradition of producing superior investment results at a cost typically 25% less than other firms.
  • Central Florida’s fastest growing and most honored financial planning firm with the area’s longest running radio show.