• Halfway Through – Taking Stock!

    Dear Friends, As we start the second half of 2018, the U.S economy appears poised for continued growth. The tax cuts enacted at the end of 2017 and an increase in federal spending approved in February appear to be adding economic momentum. In fact, these policies are expected to add about $285 billion in fiscal […]

  • May Flowers and Volatility Showers Plus our 34th Anniversary

    Dear Friends, With a third of the year behind us, the calendar shifts to spring (well actually summer here in Florida). So far, 2018 has shown a NORMAL level of volatility. Is it really a NORMAL level of volatility? Well, consider this. In the first quarter of this year, the S&P500 experienced daily moves of […]

  • March 20 Meeting Reminder and 2018 So Far

    Dear Friends,   Mid-March already! Here’s how I know time flies – I make my second parental trip to the DMV with one of my sons next week. Now I will have two male teenage drivers in my house – I appreciate your prayers!!!   The markets in 2018 have had the consistency of a […]

  • Recent Volatility – Some Perspective

    Dear Friends,   Well, as we mentioned in our January 12 letter and our December 27 and November 22 emails, we thought volatility would return to the markets in 2018 and it certainly has!   Over the past 80 years, short term volatility – the kind that produces short lived declines of 5-10% (much like […]

  • Another Year Passes…

    Dear Friends,   Time Flies! In a year of hyperbole, that may be the biggest understatement!   2017 produced three major surprises. First and foremost, of course was the performance of the overall stock market. My “Fearless Forecast” – a tongue in cheek exercise our founder Jack Nelson started decades ago on the Sunday radio […]

  • A Quick Recap Before the Holidays

    There are many things we are thankful for this year – paramount among them is the nice returns to date in 2017! The year has been surprising not only in the magnitude of the market increase but in the absence of volatility so far. The amount of the increase is partially making up for the […]

  • 3rd Quarter Commentary

    Dear Friends, We trust you all survived Hurricane Irma last week. The office was out of power for a day before resuming normal operations. It is so sad to see the pictures and hear the stories about the devastation in the Keys and the Caribbean. The forces of nature are powerful indeed! Meanwhile, the markets […]

  • Market Update

    Dear Friends, As President Trump marks his 100 th day in office tomorrow, we thought it would be a good time to take stock of where the markets, economy and headlines are. 2017 is clearly off to a great start for the markets. So far, U.S. markets are up over 6% and non-U.S. markets are […]

  • 21,000!?!? and March 28 Meeting

    21,000 on the DOW – what does it really mean? Clearly, it means positive things for the value of your accounts. Our investment allocations that typically include high levels of exposure to stocks are now fully participating in this rally. Our email at the first of the year expressed concern that the post-election rally in […]