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Our 5-4-3-2-1 Guarantee

Our Services

  1. Income Planning
    Working vs. Retiring
    Fixed vs. Variable Expenses
  2. Wealth Management
    Own vs. Owe
    Long vs. Short-Term Debt
    Pre-Tax vs. Post-Tax Savings
  3. Legacy Planning
    Current Gifts vs. Estate
    Establishing Beneficiaries
  4. Tax Mitigation
    Understanding Taxes
    Tax Preparation Service
  5. Behavioral Coaching
    Spending Habits
    Market Volatility


Answer Questions
Review Personal Net Worth Statement
Review Personal Income Statement
Review Proposed Allocations
Review Cost Options

Our 5-4-3-2-1 Guarantee

5 Proactive Electronic Communications
Each year you will proactively receive at least 5 electronic communications  written by Joel Garris that directly address the current headlines.

4 Invitations to Client Educational Events
Each year you will receive an invitation to four different client educational events.

3 Mailings and Calls
Each year you will receive at least 2 general mailings and a phone review of your financial situation. The mailings typically occur in January and August and the phone review typically occurs during the summer months of May through September.

2 Office Meetings
We actively encourage office visits as a means of not just reviewing your financial situation but deepening our relationship. We ask that you schedule at least 2 office meetings each year.

1 Experience
All financial planners follow the same financial planning process created by Joel Garris – Guaranteed!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Integrated retirement planning, tax mitigation, legacy planning and wealth management with a focus on timely and proactive client communication.
  • Family owned and operated since 1984 with a tradition of producing superior investment results at a cost typically 25% less than other firms.
  • Central Florida’s fastest growing and most honored financial planning firm with the area’s longest running radio show.

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