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You Just Took A 5% Decrease In Pay!

Each month, we check the latest CPI numbers to see how things are looking. In July, we made a video about the numbers for June—and they were pretty interesting. Let’s go over what the CPI index is and whether or not you just took a 5% decrease in pay at your job.

CPI stands for Consumer Price Index. It’s essentially a measure of how much inflation we experience over a given time. The index takes multiple market baskets and looks at how much each one has increased in price over a one-month period, giving us the total level of inflation.

Here’s where things start to get a little concerning. In June 2021, the CPI rose by 0.9%. This means inflation rose by almost an entire percentage point in a single month. The CPI also provides year-over-year numbers. In the previous 12-month period, inflation has gone up by 5.4%. The category that experienced the most inflation was energy, which rose by 24.5% in the last year alone!

So prices are up over 5% from where they were a year ago, meaning your hard-earned cash buys 5% less than what it did this time last year. Another way to think of it is that you took a 5% decrease in pay without realizing it. This demonstrates why it’s so important to use some of your money as a hedge against inflation. How? By creating a well-diversified portfolio invested in stocks.

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