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Major Announcement! We Share Our New Book: Next Gen Dollars and Sense

2024 is the 40th anniversary of Nelson Financial Planning, which was founded under the name Nelson Investment Planning Services on May 1, 1984, by the late Jack Nelson. In the past four decades, the finance world has seen its share of ups and downs, with both exciting and worrying headlines to contend with over the years. But Nelson Financial Planning has remained a stalwart source of investment advice through it all.

The key to success in the financial planning world is to stay informed and equip yourself with the right tools. On that note, Nelson Financial Planning is thrilled to announce the publication of our new book, Next Gen Dollars and Sense, a guide designed to empower you and the next generation with essential financial knowledge and strategies.

The Inspiration Behind the Book

The decision to write Next Gen Dollars and Sense stemmed from our commitment to financial education and the understanding that wealth management is a generational journey. As the Baby Boomer generation enters retirement, we considered the massive transfer of wealth that has begun and will continue over the next few decades. We realized the urgency of equipping both the givers and receivers of this wealth with proper financial planning strategies. After all, the wealth transfer and associated tax code changes present unique challenges and opportunities, making financial literacy more important than ever.

Another driving force behind the book was the overwhelming amount of misinformation and oversimplification prevalent in today’s 10-second sound-bite culture. Achieving financial goals is a journey that takes time, and Next Gen Dollars and Sense aims to guide readers through this process step by step.

The Nelson Financial Planning Approach

Our approach at Nelson Financial Planning is based on personalization and understanding our clients’ unique needs. This philosophy is evident throughout the book. We emphasize the importance of starting with fundamental financial concepts like goal-setting and budgeting while also tackling complex topics such as investments, retirement planning, and estate management.

Bringing Next Gen Dollars and Sense to life was a collective effort. The entire team at Nelson Financial Planning played a part, from contributing ideas to assisting with research and editing. This collaboration reflects our firm’s team-oriented approach. Every member’s input is valued and contributes to the overall success of our clients’ financial plans.

The book has 21 chapters and a four-part structure intended to guide readers through the various facets of financial planning.

Part 1 covers the fundamentals. It addresses setting financial goals, creating a budget, and other essentials. Understanding these concepts is the key to building a resilient financial plan that can adapt to life’s changes.

Part 2 covers investment strategies. Investments are at the heart of financial growth. This section demystifies stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities to help you understand how each one works and their potential roles in a financial portfolio. The book also delves into the average rates of return different investments have historically generated.

Part 3 covers life’s major financial decisions. It addresses topics like college funding, retirement planning, and Social Security. Recognizing that pensions are becoming increasingly rare, the book discusses alternatives and strategies to ensure a secure retirement.

Part 4 covers estate planning. It discusses the importance of planning what to do with your assets after you pass away. We don’t just cover wills and trusts—we also explore the complexities and potential pitfalls of inheriting money. The book stresses the importance of understanding these aspects to ensure a smooth wealth transfer from one generation to the next.

A Resource for All Generations

One of the book’s key themes is its relevance to all generations. Whether you’re just starting your financial journey, nearing retirement, or already retired, Next Gen Dollars and Sense provides valuable insights. Our goal was to create a resource that resonates with everyone, regardless of their stage in life, and empower them to make informed financial decisions.

The book also addresses the unique challenges faced by younger generations, such as the growing absence of pensions and the complexities of Social Security. It underscores the need for financial education in a system that often leaves young people unprepared to manage their finances effectively.

Practical Tools and Strategies

Next Gen Dollars and Sense differs from other financial books because of the practical tools embedded within its pages. These tools, including budget and net worth calculators, are user-friendly and highly applicable to everyday financial planning. They help readers apply the concepts explored in the book to their own financial situations.

The book also features QR codes, providing easy access to online resources, such as a downloadable budget template. These digital additions allow readers to engage with the content in an interactive and convenient way.

How to Get the Book

Next Gen Dollars and Sense is available for purchase on Amazon. However, in appreciation of our clients, a free copy of the book can be requested any time by contacting our office at 407-629-6477 or visiting our website. This offer is our way of saying thank you for your continued trust and support! If you aren’t yet a client of Nelson Financial Planning, you can get a free copy by scheduling a no-cost no-obligation conversation about your personal financial situation with our firm.

Looking ahead, we plan to expand the book’s impact through additional formats and resources. This includes creating video content for each chapter and producing an audiobook version, providing further avenues for readers to absorb the valuable insights shared in the book.

Contact Nelson Financial Planning

Next Gen Dollars and Sense shows our commitment to empowering individuals and families with the knowledge and tools needed for financial success. To learn more about our approach, get your free copy of Next Gen Dollars and Sense, or discuss how we can help you change your life with a successful financial plan, please contact our office in Winter Park, FL, at 407-629-6477.