• Year-End Tax Changes To Make

    Year-End Tax Changes To Make

    As we gear up for 2024, it’s time to get your taxes sorted out in time for the filing deadline on April 15. Tax planning can be overwhelming, especially because the rules are always changing. Three things to be aware of when filing your taxes include the implications of Roth conversions, yearly inflation adjustments, and changes to Form 1099K. Being proactive about these recent changes will help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

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  • Fundamental Concepts For Financial Success

    Fundamental Concepts For Financial Success

    In today’s world, where headlines can change as quickly as the weather, it’s essential to anchor yourself with fundamental financial concepts that endure through market highs and lows. Nelson Financial Planning encapsulates these principles in our new book, Next Gen Dollars and Sense. This guide distills decades of wisdom into an easy-to-read, common-sense approach to financial planning, equipping you with useful knowledge and tools for navigating this complex topic. Here are five core concepts highlighted in the book that are essential for anyone looking to build a secure financial future.

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